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The Hamptons Series that’s SO much more than just a village affair!

Book 1 - Everything Happens For A Reason

The story follows the adorable Poppy Jackson and how she overcomes the many challenges life presents to her. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh but above all, it will warm your heart.

Everything Happens For A Reason is the first book in The Hamptons series
Everything Happens For A Reason is the first book in The Hamptons series.

Book 2 - The Curious Miss Fortune

Book 2 in the Hamptons series introduces a number of new characters and the storyline focuses around the Hampton Players. As rehearsals begin for ‘The Curious Incident’, the villagers begin to make a connection between the fictional storylines and coincidental occurrences in their village. Fears grow that a murder is about to take place...

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When the Hampton Players link fictional storylines with coincidental occurrences in their village, fears grow that a murder is about to take place.

One of the new main characters introduced is Tiggy Lawrence and we follow her return to Hampton Waters after a 9 year absence. What happened all those years ago that caused Tiggy to run away?

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There are twist and turns a plenty in The Curious Miss Fortune to keep you turning those pages!

We also follow the story of the enigmatic Diana Fortune. Has she brought misfortune to the Hamptons? The mystery unravels in my latest release!

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A fabulous review for The Curious Miss Fortune!

There is so much more to this story; there’s love and there is sadness. There’s laughter and there is anger. There is mystery and a lot of drama and... so much more! Don’t miss out on all the gossip, buy your copy today.

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Redundancy, a stale marriage, empty nest syndrome – no wonder Bridget feels that she's losing her identity...

Book 3 – Fame and Fortune

The latest addition to the Hamptons series is Fame and Fortune. It’s a tale of family conflict, deceit, broken hearts and redemption...

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A wonderful readers review for Fame and Fortune!

We meet the popular weight loss guru Georgina Fame as she makes her glittering entrance at the Hambly-Joneses dinner. When she organises a week’s retreat to Cornwall, how will an encounter with the past shake her carefully built confidence?

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Who has the fortune to hide amongst the Hamptons flock?

Newcomer Lucy Whittaker is shocked when her only child Ian suddenly announces that he’s off on an internship. When he goes completely off the radar, Lucy begins to fear that all is not as Ian has led her to believe...

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My new release 'Fame and Fortune' explores the phenomenon of Ghosting.

When I created the Majorette storyline, I needed a song that the Fortunettes could perform their routine to. Having come across Daz Rice's debut album, Precious Times - and listening to it over and over! - I was immediately drawn to one of these songs. I was thrilled when he gave his permission for me to include him and his music in my story. I played it in the background as I wrote the relevant scenes and it all fitted together perfectly!

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You can find out more about this talented musician and singer/songwriter via

There is an extra special uniqueness about this book and I am excited to share it with you.

Happy Reading! xoxo