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Indulge your curiosity with a trip to the Hamptons! πŸŽ­πŸ“š

 09 November 2022 by Tina-Marie Miller

Buckle up - shenanigans abound in this colourful tale!

Meet Tiggy Lawrence – an independent woman with plenty of sass!

With trepidation Tiggy Lawrence returns to her family home, Riverside Hall, after a nine-year absence. Will they welcome her with open arms?

‘Tiggy Lawrence makes a heart wrenching return to her family home and is surprised to find it in disrepair. Her father is dying and longs for her to stay, will they be able to restore the home and grounds to their former glory with their final collaboration?’

Fortunately, Aster Maxwell presents a welcome distraction – much to the disappointment of Tiggy’s childhood sweetheart. But is this sophisticated charmer too good to be true?

‘Romance and intrigue are fused together for this cozy mystery!’

'Diana Fortune, an intriguing woman with her own secretive past, makes her entrance on a dark and stormy night...'

‘…drama, murder, and suspense ensues. The plot is fresh and unpredictable and will keep you intrigued to the very last scene.’

Keep calm and love being Bridget!

Having been made redundant, Bridget Rhodes-Brown finds herself stuck at home with a husband whose eccentricity is off the scale! Fed up, she jumps at the opportunity to create a script for the Hampton Players. But when rehearsals get underway, there’s more than a few theatrics when things take a macabre turn!

There's plenty of drama to capture your attention ... this is the Hamptons after all!

‘The life in the Hamptons village runs parallel with the theatre piece’s plot in weird and wonderful ways, and Tina-Marie Miller weaves the strains together into a wonderful piece of women’s fiction.’

‘I highly recommend this well-written jaunt which keeps the reader guessing on many levels.’

Intriguing fiction that will keep you entertained to the last page!

Read it for yourself!

The Curious Miss Fortune is the second instalment in the Hampton series and is available as an ebook, paperback and an audiobook.

Happy cozy, fun reading my lovelies! Until next time.

Much love,

Tina-Marie xoxox

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