Tina-Marie Miller

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The Hamptons Series Boxed Set, Books 1 - 3

Cozy up with three books in one boxed set!

Picture of The Hamptons Series Boxed Set, Books 1 - 3

Set against the alluring Cotswolds countryside, the Hamptons series offers an intoxicating blend of intrigue and romantic shenanigans.

Everything Happens For A Reason – Book 1

A heart-warming, feel good, romantic love story.

A new beginning. A maddening encounter. A tragedy.

Workaholic Poppy is keen to put the past behind her and embraces a new career opportunity with gusto! Even an infuriating encounter with a tall, dark, handsome stranger doesn’t faze her; romance is the last thing on her mind after all.

Only when her focus wavers at the appearance of the cheeky Oliver Sullivan, she surprises herself by wanting to get to know him better. How will she cope when tragedy strikes a second time?

Not a typical ‘boy meets girl – falls in love - lives happily ever after’ type of romance!

Follow Poppy’s journey of love and loss as she jumps from one tragedy to another in this heart-warming and uplifting tale of hope and new beginnings set in the beguiling Cotswolds. Will she ever find a happy-ever-after?

The Curious Miss Fortune – Book 2

Feel good, cozy women’s fiction.


When feisty Tiggy returns home after a nine-year absence she hopes to lay the demons from her past to rest. Will her family welcome her with open arms? Fortunately, Aster Maxwell presents a welcome distraction – much to the disappointment of her childhood sweetheart. But is this sophisticated charmer too good to be true?


Everyone loves Alice. Everyone knows her husband Roy keeps her on a tight leash. Her only outlet is being allowed out of the house to buy Roy more booze. What happens when Roy arrives home with an old computer he saves from the trash? Alice’s world may be about to blossom in ways she could never have imagined.


Bridget is fed up! Having been made redundant she’s since found herself stuck at home with a husband whose eccentricity is off the scale! She jumps at the opportunity to create a script for the Hampton Players. But when rehearsals get underway, there’s more than a few theatrics when things take a macabre turn! The events in the play begin to echo misfortunes occurring in the village. Is a murder about to take place?

Fame and Fortune – Book 3

Escape with this sassy, uplifting cozy women’s fiction.


When the renowned weight loss guru Georgina Fame makes her glittering entrance in the Hamptons, she unwittingly ruffles more than a few feathers. But behind all the glamour lies a dark secret. How will an encounter with the past shake Georgina’s carefully built confidence?


Diane Fortune hires the popular soap actress Camilla Barrington-Smythe as choreographer for the Hamptons dance troupe. But fame hungry Camilla doesn’t receive the recognition she deserves. What happens when she allows her insecurities to distract her?


Francine Dubois is officially the new Senior Buyer for the exclusive Magnifique Madame range of opulent lingerie. She’s also the right-hand woman to the debonair Richard Hambly-Jones. Or so she believes. When she arranges a cosy tête-à-tête with her happily married boss, things don’t go quite to plan. Has Francine taken her demands a step too far?

Shocking secrets are set to be revealed in this seductive tale of glamour, greed and redemption.

Featuring the music of Daz Rice from his debut album ‘Precious Times’.