Tina-Marie Miller

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The Château of Second Chances

Healing one soul at a time.

Picture of the novel The Château of Second Chances

Escape to the beautiful French countryside with this uplifting romantic comedy.

With claims to heal one soul at a time, Château Fontaine is no stranger to drama.


Often mistaken for the gardener suits Valentin fine; it enables him to concentrate on his art. But sparks begin to fly when the latest group of strangers are brought together at his wellbeing retreat. Will life at Château Fontaine ever be the same again?


Millie’s shock announcement that she’s called off her wedding leaves her parents reeling. Fearing a scandal, they pack her off to Château Fontaine. How will Millie cope when she comes face-to-face with the very thing she’s trying to escape from?


A kiss out-of-the-blue turns ex-army officer Andrew’s world upside down and sends him retreating to France! Is his career about to go down the pan or has a world of opportunity opened unexpectedly?


India strives to follow in the footsteps of her famous father, a prominent QC. Only he’s not too impressed when he catches her cavorting half-naked at a popular London club. Will she bend to her father’s will?