Tina-Marie Miller

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Love and a Kiss, Chris

Under the golden Cornish sun, will hidden secrets change life forever?

Picture of the novel Love and a Kiss, Chris

Set against a backdrop of spectacular, rugged North Cornwall landscape, the unexpected is never far away.

Ireland’s favourite crime writer Finola Connor’s world comes crashing down when she discovers her partner in flagrante delicto with her housekeeper’s daughter. Hours away from catching a flight to spend the summer with best friends Bella and Hugo, Finola arrives in Cornwall alone, desperate to leave her troubles behind. As she settles into Gull Cottage, neighbour and property manager Mo is quick to offer a warm welcome.

When Bella reveals she’s out of her depth organising a village fundraiser, Finola welcomes the distraction and offers an irresistible ‘Star Prize’. But mischievous Bella switches the winning ticket, leaving Finola face-to-face with the charming Lord of the Manor, Chris MGM!

Trouble is lurking on the horizon when Finola catches Hugo in a secret liaison with Bella’s arch nemesis Rebecca, who later gate-crashes her lunch date with Chris. Finola begins to fear there’s more to this woman than meets the eye.

After teaming up with new friend Mo, Finola unwittingly uncovers a mystery her fictional crime hero Erik would be proud of!

Will their revelations leave a pathway clear for her to pursue a romance with Chris, or is there still unfinished business from her past?